How To Get There


The easiest how to get there is to have our crew to pick you up at the Ambon Airport 

Molana is part of Lease Islands in Maluku. The nearest airport is Pattimura Airport in Ambon, Maluku.

  • Manage to arrive at Pattimura Airport before 7 am if you want to catch fast ferry (kapal cepat) to Haria.
  • Use Taxi from the airport to Tulehu port (trip est. 45 minutes)
  • Buy Fast Ferry ticket to Haria @ Rp. 125.000,- (trip est. 45 minutes). The Ferry is scheduled to leave Tulehu at 9 am everyday.
  • On Haria, get a speed boat to go to Molana (trip est. 20 minutes)
  • Alternatively, from Tulehu you can rent a speed boat from Tulehu directly to Molana.