The Island


How do you like to get away from your hectic and frustrating city life?  From traffic jams, noises, polluted air, unmanaged waste, city vultures to scumbags everywhere you turn your head to? How?

If you had enough with such frustrating city life and you are looking for a virgin place where you can breath the 100% fresh air, dip yourself in crystal clear seawater and place mark of your feet on beach of heaven, then Molana Island is a perfect place for you.


Molana with its combination of white sand beach and forest, as well as beautiful views of sea and islands is the perfect place for you. Molana has a splendid white sand beach, and lots of forest on rocky terrain island. There are as many as 85 species of trees growing here, including some rare ones. Wildlife includes Pacific Monitor Lizard (Varanus Indicus), Moluccan Scrubfowl (Megapodius Reinwardtii) and Coconut Crabs.

It is suitable both for those who enjoy exploring off the beaten path and for who simply wish to relax in peaceful environment.

Some facts about the island:

  • Uninhabited
  • No fresh water source at all. We always bring fresh water and everything except fishes from Saparua.
  • Island area: ± 160 hectares
  • Island circumference: ± 8.5 km
  • Most fo the island: Jungle bushes and coral reefs.

Although the island is possible to host various activities, just make sure you contact us to prepare  things for optimal result..


Molana Island has been known since the Portuguese colonial era. The island still contains the ruins of a hospital built by the Dutch, whose construction was interrupted by the Japanese occupation in World War II.

From even earlier times, there is even an ancient burial site on the far side of the island containing the bones of our ancestors.

Some Saparuan believe that the legend of Pattimura started in this island, where he got appointed as war commander by moluccan countries leaders. He overcame challenges threw by other leaders and gained leadership title in a secret meeting in Molana.